WARNING: Don't Join A Bootcamp, A Gym, Start Another Diet or Hire A Trainer in Liverpool Until You've Read This:

"These Ridiculous Weight Loss Results Are NOT For Everyone"

How Men And Women Around Liverpool Are Getting Their Bodies Back...

Being over weight is not just about looking bloated, it’s about how sick and tired you feel because your body is telling you that something is horribly wrong.

Loads of people wanting to lose weight in Liverpool have tried weight loss programs, diets and joining the gym. But despite putting in all of that hard work on the treadmill and splashing your money at diets, fads, pills and all of these other unproven avenues, you are still struggling to see the significant results you really want when you step on those scales and look in the mirror.

So are you doomed never to wear those nice clothes again and be stuck in frumpy-fat-camouflage forever?

The secret to this mega weight loss, that these other people know is a fully integrated system that's based on science and results instead of hyped up clown-talk that just sounds good.

Take Jane for example. She had tried every diet she could think ofand after actually putting weight on whilst following a popular slimming club, she was left frustrated and when it cam to going the gym she was de-motivated and confused of what was right and wrong.After just 3 weeks of Fitness Camp Academy she was so thrilled with the results she sent across these photo's.

Boot Camp - Thumbs UpAre these results typical? Hell no! the Fitness Camp Academy results are anything but typical.

I Got Fed Up Of Getting Average...

I was a top of my class, qualified trainer and getting good results (well better than most) but I wanted more. I got addicted to finding a way to achieve even more significant results, faster. I knew if I could crack this then I'd be able to give people the bodies they were so desperately seeking.

After 4 years of trekking through courses, workshops and paying thousands in mentoring I was introduced to the UNSTOPPABLE Fat Loss Formula. When I was told about it, I thought it was way too simple and couldn't possible work.

How could someone possibly lose weight and feel good without starving or living in the gym? We threw down the gauntlet and got to work on our wobbly bits.

And the bloody thing worked! I was disappointed. I really didn't want it to, but the fat was dropping off my clients (and me actually).

“ I’d literally tried everything in the past and none of it seemed to work for me despite the promises. Diet clubs, slimming classes, gyms- you name it. You know the ones.Fitness Camp Academy has been awesome for me. There is no pressure to try and do things at the same level as others in the group. Every one is encouraged to work to their own abilities and the results have been incredible. The training is really intense at times but its all worth it when I see my new body. ”

Can You Really Burn Fat While Sleeping?

Whilst jogging, Zumba and Aerobics classes near Liverpool are great fun, the calorie burning stops when you stop. Research shows that the systems we have created burns your blubber for up to 2 days after your 'Fat Incinerating session'. Even while you're snoring your face off.

Instead of a bland meal plan and random exercises that 'beast you' in an attempt to 'prove' what they do works, we give you a scientifically proven blueprint, with nothing left to chance. The formula is simple:

“ I gained 5 stones during each of my two pregnancies and though I’d never get my body back. After 3 months at Fitness Camp Academy in Newcastle I’m now back into my wedding dress which last fit me 6 YEARS ago. I never thought I’d be able to get in shape so fast and keep it off ”4 stone weight loss
3 dress sizes

Before I started with Fitness Camp Academy I was exercising almost every night in the gym and dieting, but never seeing any real results, I'd drop a pound put a pound on, after a week I'd lost 7lbs and noticed a huge difference in my clothes. I went from weighing myself every morning to not even worrying about the scales as all of my clothes became baggy regularly. I've committed long term to Fitness Camp Academy as it's taking me exactly where I want to go.Debiy Cook

No More Starving OR Calorie Counting...??!

No portion sizes, weighing food, there's non of those points, no coloured days, forget calorie counting, just unlimited amounts of vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, poultry and fruit... In fact on this program you will not be hungry. I told you it was unbelievable!!

Would you like to stop wasting even more money and find something that is guaranteed to work (more about this ludicrous double-your-money-back results guarantee in a minute...)

When you join us at the Fitness Camp Academy, you'll be joining a group of other folks who are determined to get their bodies back using our 45-minute workout sessions and our phenomenal Unstoppable Fat Loss Formula.

Being surrounded by others will motivate you and is responsible for keeping even the most flakey people focused on achieving everything you want.

Here’s How You Finally Get Your Body Back...

If I told you that I’d strip the fat off your body and make sure you don’t put any of it back on, you might have thoughts about paying a personal trainer upwards of £35 an hour. 12 sessions later you're racking up a bill of £420 for the month AND WHAT RESULTS ARE YOU GUARANTEED??

Fitness Camp Academy in Liverpool is a maximum of £99 a month - and if you join today (while we’ve got this offer on) we’ll also tear up the joining fee.


Single Month – £99

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I’m Committed, Sign me up for a minimum of 6 months – £69/Month

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...to Check if we have any spaces left on our EXCLUSIVE taster week worth £25


Sefton Park – Mon, Wed, Fri – 6:30pm (Opposite the Alicia Hotel, L17 3AA

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